Crypto Content Writing

Searching for a crypto content writer? Crypto has thrown a curveball into the 21st century. While there’s still plenty of controversy surrounding the “Bitcoin revolution,” it’s clear that blockchain technology is going mainstream. Indeed, at the start of 2021, the burgeoning world of the cryptocurrency space hit a staggering $2 trillion in market cap. Whether you’re involved in finance, technology, or retail, it’s increasingly difficult to avoid cryptocurrency nowadays. 

Although everyone is getting clued in on crypto, few people know how to write engaging, fact-based content without sounding super technical. That’s where I come to the rescue. Having been in the industry since 2017, I always take a content-first approach to SEO—especially in the highly specialized crypto industry. As an experienced content writer, I know how to make sense of this exciting industry and deliver a content strategy that “clicks.” 

If you’re in need of a crypto writer, please don’t hesitate to give me a buzz. From Aavae to Zilliqa, I speak Ether in plain English! 

Crypto Content Writer Services

The demand for high-quality crypto content has never been higher. As blockchain becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, chances are you’ll need clear and concise crypto copy for your company’s website.

Luckily for you, I have years of experience writing about all aspects of this up-in-coming sector. My goal is to provide you with high-ranking SEO crypto content that speaks to your clientele and incorporates the search terms they are using. 

Below are just a few professions that could benefit from a crypto writer:

  • Accountants
  • Crypto bloggers and newsletters
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Software engineers
  • DApp developers
  • Day or swing traders
  • Crypto exchanges and DEXs
  • Investment providers 
  • eCommerce websites
  • Crypto-friendly retailers 
  • Journalists who cover crypto issues
  • User guides
  • Social media platforms

Professional Crypto Writer – Ad Copy And Landing Pages

If you’re looking to generate leads and expand your email list, I can help with high-quality crypto writing. I will also stand by your side while designing your ideal crypto sales funnel and landing pages. As with all my other crypto writing services, this one brings my laser-focused attention to detail to every sentence of sales copy.

Crypto Descriptions And Services Pages 

It’s easy for a crypto copy to get way too complicated. The English language used in complicated developer documentation and API references is not easily comprehensible. That’s why as a crypto writer, I am always careful to balance solid data with simplicity when showing off your crypto services.

I always strive to communicate your crypto offerings as clearly as possible. My time-tested, content-focused SEO strategy has helped numerous clients generate organic traffic to their websites.

Don’t Get “FOMO”— Get Cryptocurrency News Content!

There are many unique challenges related to writing about cryptocurrency, but one common complaint is this industry’s fast pace. From sudden price pumps and software updates to proposed regulations and taxation policy, news in the “cryptosphere” moves faster than the Lightning Network!

If you’re interested in SEO crypto content writer services, you need to ensure you’re working with a writer that’s “plugged in” to the latest trends. I promise to deliver accurate and impeccable crypto-related and decentralized finance news whenever you need it. 

Leverage The Blockchain Technology – Add Killer Crypto Content To Your Brand’s Blog

Even if you’re not a dedicated crypto blogger, adding blockchain technology content could drive your website traffic. Google searches for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have never been hotter. If you’re struggling to drive new traffic to your site, crypto content could be the solution to appear on the search results.

Consider the following benefits of adding my blockchain blogging service to your business with the help of an experienced technical writer expert in crypto:

  • Help educate your clients on relevant cryptocurrency topics — Providing high-quality educational content will help customers understand how crypto fits into their portfolio and how you could assist them.
  • Get your name on the first page in Google SERPs: Avoid backsliding in Google’s search results with fresh SEO crypto content.
  • Gain trust with clients and spark user-generated content: The higher the quality of your crypto content, the more likely clients will share their appreciation with referrals and reviews.
  • Attract novel clients and new leads: Take advantage of the popularity of crypto by driving new traffic to your webpage, increasing the odds of new leads and conversions. 
  • Building credibility in cryptocurrency: Establish your business as an authority on “all things crypto” with a vast portfolio of fact-based content. 

Ongoing Crypto SEO And Content Analysis

Search engine algorithms aren’t set in stone, especially when you’re dealing with crypto. That’s why a crypto writer such as myself, promises to provide ongoing SEO tracking and content analysis for all of my clients. Please don’t think I hit “snooze” after publishing your crypto content. I will continue to monitor your copy’s performance, so you remain a “crypto king.”